Pub Dubrovnik: special place to eat & drink in Dubrovnik

Pub Dubrovnik: special place to eat & drink in Dubrovnik

SURPRISE YOUR SENSES: the explosion of flavors on your plate

Organized, devoted to his job, paying attention to every detail, constantly looking for new culinary challenges, is a brief description of the head chef of Pub Dubrovnik.

The curiosity and passion for exploration are the main guidelines of this young chef from Dubrovnik who says cooking is a way to express his creativity. The way he expresses himself.

Creating a menu and food offer of Pub Dubrovnik, we looked after every detail, especially on the ingredients we use for the preparation of meals.

Excellent, top-quality meat from Croatian farms, homemade products of small family producers (OPGs), as well as sauces made by own recipe, have resulted in food that simply delights every palate.

If you think that food can no longer surprise you, then come to Pub Dubrovnik and try some of our burgers or any other meal and enjoy an explosion of taste and we will serve.