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Pub Dubrovnik

About us

Pub Dubrovnik is the first conceptual GASTRO PUB that opened its doors in Dubrovnik and it embodies three main concepts – good company, music, and unique ambiance.

The pub is located at the very center of Old Town and its location at Bunic Square was the main inspiration for its visual identity.

In cooperation with one of Croatia’s best designers and author of the pub’s concept, Lana Ludvig, the goal of this project was to create the first pub in Dubrovnik that will justify its name with a contemporary interpretation of Dubrovnik’s magnificent details admired all around the globe.

From interior design to the logo, everything was inspired by the unique ambiance of Dubrovnik Old Town which continues inside the pub itself.

Both designer and the owner wanted to create a comfortable space and a pub where locals and guests would come to enjoy themselves and feel good.